A Naturopathic Practitioner Shares His Experience With Cancer

A Naturopathic Practitioner Shares His Experience With Cancer

A naturopathic practitioner Gilbert also called a naturopathic doctor or naturopathic physician, is one who follows an entire natural health approach to healing disease. This type of medical practice emphasizes an individual’s ability to heal themselves rather than depending on a physician or other form of medical care. Typical treatments are directed at attacking the cause of the illness rather than suppressing symptoms. There are many differences between this conventional form of medicine and naturopathic medicine.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Gilbert Naturopathic Clinic

Gilbert has written many books on alternative medicine, including a large amount on naturopathic medicine. He received his naturopathic degree from the University of Minnesota in 1969. Since then he has traveled around the world to promote naturopathic medicine and is active in many alternative health circles. He is a strong advocate of environmental medicine, promoting organic farming and natural health in general. He believes that many of today’s diseases are the result of poor nutritional and environmental practices.

In The Cure and Cause of Illness, he presents many cases of terminal illnesses like cancer and leukemia, as well as other fatal conditions. Many of these are on display at the Naturopathy Museum in Gilbert, Colorado. A naturopathic practitioner can play an important role in today’s healthcare system by offering patients the opportunity to explore alternative modes of treatment and to gain a deeper understanding of holistic health practices.

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