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Professional Discraft Bonel Offset Disc Golf Drivers – A Review of the Professional Driver

bonel offset discThe Bonel Offset Disc Golf (BO-dy) is a professional disc golf driver that has an open-face design that allows for easy line-of-sight approach shots while maintaining stability in flight. This driver comes with a fluorocarbon disc that has greater tip strength, larger distance as well as faster speeds. The large rim and low center of gravity also increase stability when getting on the plane for a throw. The bo-dy has an open face that permits wide variation in shots from both the front and back, which is the main reason for its high level of success.

Bonel offset disc – A professional disc golf driver

The most noticeable characteristic of the Bonel Offset Disc Golf driver is the large “L” shaped lie pattern that wraps around the entire disc. This lie pattern provides for an outstanding stability control. Players with less stable throwing hands can benefit from the stability offered by this disc. However, players with heavier or longer throws will find that the large “L” makes for a difficult drive. The large “L” also creates a large wind up which can cause a fair amount of delay. Although not considered to be a true disc for beginners, the Bonel Offset offers many advantages for experienced players looking to increase their game.


Although there are other popular balance discs in the driver market, like the Stability Plus Magna-Glo and the Pro-Life Zulu, none offers the level of stability and controllability that is offered by the Bonel Disc. The bo-dy is also available in several different sleeve and flex types, but offers a unique feel that is not found on other discs. Overall, the Bonel Offset is a highly recommended disc that can be purchased from any good sporting goods store. Buy with confidence!