Getting Married Around the World – New School Wedding Ceremonies

Getting Married Around the World – New School Wedding Ceremonies

New School Wedding Ceremonies is a new twist on an old tradition. More couples are choosing to marry in the traditional church and ceremony but with a new twist by having their own ceremonies in spectacular local venues. There are now more brides and grooms choosing to have their ceremonies in the open air under the stars than ever before. There are many great wedding venues in Gold Coast, Australia to choose from where you can hold your New School Wedding Ceremony. Here are just a few of the top venues in Gold Coast for your wedding ceremony:

New School Wedding Ceremonies

The Glambron Hotel is located in the heart of the city, right next door to the Surfers Paradise. This hotel offers many different wedding packages and has many great features and amenities. With fantastic views across the city, the Glambron Hotel is a great venue where you can have your wedding ceremony. It has features such as a garden pavilion, indoor and outdoor wedding facilities, an indoor wine cellar, and even a heated pool.

Another great venue that you will find when you search for wedding ceremonies in Gold Coast are the luxurious resorts such as the Warmang Resort. These resorts offer everything you would expect from a luxury resort such as overpriced spa treatments and luxurious wedding ceremonies with celebrities. If you are looking for a wedding ceremony in Gold Coast that has stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, then these resorts make the ideal choice. They also offer venues for both civil and spiritual weddings. Their restaurants provide fabulous cuisine, and there are also plenty of other activities to keep you occupied during your stay in the Gold Coast.

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