How to Create Concrete Countertops

How to Create Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops are one of the most durable materials for a kitchen surface. This durable material is made from cement and sand. The same mixture is used to make sidewalks and parking lots. However, concrete can crack. The most common type of crack is the hairline fracture. To prevent this, you can add fiber reinforcement, rebar, or wire mesh to the countertop. The material can also be damaged by pressure and natural settling of the house, but this is very rare.

Benefits of Concrete Kitchen Worktops

concrete countertops

To create a countertop from concrete, start by preparing the concrete. You will need a form that is made of 3/4-inch melamine-coated particleboard. The form will be attached to the base with screws. Afterwards, use silicone caulk inside the joints to seal them and help you form smooth edges. If you want to incorporate a stone, use a thin layer of it to add color and personality to the countertop.

For countertops, you will need a mixer. If you are not an expert in concrete, you can purchase a countertop mix that is pre-blended for you. This makes the process easier, and it also provides you with more options for different colors and special effects. Rhodes’ signature concrete mix is white, so it will take colors well. If you want a darker or lighter countertop, use a thicker mix. It is a good idea to purchase a pre-blended concrete countertop mix so you can make changes as needed.

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