Marcorocks Shelf Rock

Marcorocks Shelf Rock

marcorocks shelf rock

Marcorocks Shelf Rock is a marine calcium carbonate that has been proven to be beneficial for reef aquariums. It is very similar to a piece of coral reef rock that is suspended in water by means of a slime coat. In the same manner, marcorocks shelf rock is also known as marine chalk and has a general similar appearance with corals but its general composition is completely different. This coral reef calcium carbonate is ideal for use in keeping any kind of marine aquarium healthy and beautiful.

How To Sell Marcorocks Shelf Rock

The secret lies in the organic compounds contained in marcorocks shelf rock. These organic compounds are known to be capable of creating a chemical bond between itself and the water which causes the rock to become suspended. Furthermore, this unique property also allows it to create an invisible, slimy band around itself which will provide additional support for the rock during times when the water is stirred or moved around. As a result, any movement or agitation will not disturb the marcorocks shelf rock and will result in better water quality for any marine aquarium enthusiast.

Furthermore, since the marcorocks is made up of natural calcium carbonate, it does not require any form of external help to become well established in the reef environment. This means that it can survive alone in any type of aquarium. It will however do best if it is kept in groups of at least three. This is because the algae which forms on the surface of the rock will eventually block the nutrient transfer between the algae and the marcorocks. This will eventually result in it becoming lifeless.

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