Mens Cuban Link Chain by Statement Collective

Mens Cuban Link Chain by Statement Collective

The mens Cuban link chain has become a timeless fashion staple for many years. The bold, interlocking style makes this chain a popular choice among fashionable men. Depending on the material, Cuban link chains range from $50 to several hundred dollars. The versatility and unique design of the chain are what make it so popular. It is the perfect accessory for any man’s closet. To learn more about this stylish chain, keep reading!

Why Need Mens Cuban Link Chain

The classic Cuban link chain is made of sterling or argentium silver and comes in seven or eight-inch sizes. Weights and lengths are approximate and all are measured in grams. A chain’s quality is determined by the quality of the material used and the craftsmanship of the craftsman. This style is the perfect choice for men who like to wear bold jewelry. In addition, the chain is affordable and is a great gift for any special occasion.

The drop x cuban link chain is aggressive, chunky and angular. Its look is intentionally rough but it is not overly coarse. The box lock in the center of the chain is fully functional, and is adorned with a Statement Collective lock logo. The first model is six feet tall and is wearing a twenty-inch chain; the second is six-feet tall and wears a twenty-inch chain.

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